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How to Mark Item as Sold on Facebook Marketplace [2021]

January 30, 2021
mark an item as sold on facebook marketplace

For some years, Facebook has started to implement new tools that allow us to use the social network in a much more extensive and useful way. For example, we have the famous Facebook Marketplace, and that is, who has not used this Facebook buying and selling section? If you want to learn how to use it better, in this article we show you how to mark an item as sold on Facebook Market step by step.

When we publish a post on Facebook Marketplace, our main objective is undoubtedly to sell it. That is why, if we sell it, it is normal that we feel satisfied. But what’s next step after selling all of our products on Facebook? Well, here are the steps to follow to mark it as sold and thus prevent people from continuing to ask for said items.

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How to mark an item as sold on Facebook Marketplace?

There are many websites for buying and selling things, many more than we can remember, but several of us will agree that Facebook Marketplace is one of the most used platforms for doing business. In it, we can publish a large number of products completely free of charge, in addition to getting excellent deals near our location.

In addition, if we want to boost our sales, we can even make paid advertisements in which we can promote our items or services. Without a doubt, knowing how Facebook Marketplace works is a great benefit. Now, after selling an item, your clients may continue to ask you about this sold product.

What should you do in that case? Well, it is better to mark this item as sold on Facebook Marketplace. This will allow no one else to see it in the Marketplace, and all those who have asked for it will receive a notification that it has been sold.

Steps to mark an item as sold on Facebook Marketplace

There are several statuses in which an item can be on Facebook Marketplace: sold, available or pending. In this case, since you have managed to sell it, you need to set it to as “Sold”. The steps to mark an item as sold in Marketplace are:

  1. Enter the Marketplace section on your Facebook account.
  2. Select «Your account».
  3. Click on «Your post».
  4. Locate the post or publication that you want to mark as sold.
  5. On it, press the option “Mark as …”.
  6. Then mark the item as “Sold. “

That is all! Once this is done, the buyer will receive an option to qualify you as a seller on Facebook Marketplace depending on their experience with you. In case the buyer requests a money-back and wants to undo the purchase, you can republish the item or change its status to “Available”.

Now, how will your item’s buyer ratings affect you? Here’s how these ratings work and how they can affect your performance on Facebook Marketplace.

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How do the ratings affect me on Facebook Marketplace?

After you have sold your product and marked it in such a way, the buyer will have the opportunity to rate their experience with you as a seller .

But what does this consist of? Well, these ratings work very similarly to those available in other online marketplaces, which affect the reputation of the user. Buyers can rate their experience with a seller on a system of five stars, which in order means excellent, good, fair, poor, and very poor.

Only someone who has made a purchase from a seller can rate it so that no deception or false information about the person is presented.

This feature is only available in the full Facebook mobile version, not on Facebook Lite or on the website version. If you use this feature frequently and have some difficulties using it, we recommend that you leave your questions in the comments below.

We encourage you to continue discovering everything you can do with Facebook Marketplace, and we hope you will be very successful and can mark many of your items for sale as sold on this great social network!