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How to activate Facebook app dark mode for android, IOS, and PC

January 21, 2021
dark mode facebook app

Through the following guide, you will learn how to enable Facebook app dark mode for android and IOS easily. In order to protect your sight and save battery life on your mobile device, you should activate the dark mode on Facebook.

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What is Facebook dark mode?

Facebook Dark mode has been around for a few years in many mobile and desktop apps. In fact, little by little it has crept into the vast majority of social media platforms. Since many users prefer to use the dark mode, almost all the social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram provided their users with dark mode feature.

The Facebook dark mode has several advantages, among the most relevant it is fair to point out that they avoid visual fatigue. Certainly, the darker tones make our eyesight less strained when using our devices. In turn, on certain devices, it is even possible to save phone battery.

Battery saving only works for those mobiles with AMOLED screens, characterized by turning off the pixels of the mobile when the black colour is displayed on the screen. For the reasons mentioned before, dark mode on Facebook app is something that is recommended to activate if you use your mobile device constantly.

Activate Facebook dark mode on Android and iOS mobiles

As well as how it is possible to activate the dark mode in Facebook Messenger, the ordinary version of the application has this function. Therefore, read on to learn how to activate Facebook app dark mode on the different versions of both Android, iOS and even PC.

How to activate dark mode on Facebook Lite

The procedure to activate the dark mode in Facebook Lite could not be easier, in fact, all you have to do is open the application and go to the upper right. Here you will see three horizontal lines that represent the application options.

All the options of the application are shown, almost at the end you must locate “Dark Mode” . To activate it, just click on that option and the dark mode will be enabled. That’s how easy you can activate the dark mode in the light version of the Facebook application.

How to activate dark mode on Facebook app for Android & IOS

The official Facebook application on mobile devices has an excellent option that will help you both to protect your eyes and save battery life on many mobile devices. We are talking about dark mode, a function that you can enable by following the steps that we show you below.

In the first place, you must login to the Facebook application, once you have done this, you can proceed to configure the Dark mode of Facebook app on your mobile. To do this, click on the three configuration lines located above and to the right of the application.

In the new version of Facebook app, it will be necessary to go to “Settings and privacy” to locate the dark mode option. Once you have clicked on the previous option, locate “Dark Mode” and press on it. Another configuration screen will appear, just click on “Activated” so that the dark mode is effectively enabled and working.

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How to activate Facebook dark mode for pc

On the other hand, if you use Facebook from your computer, it is also recommended that you use facebook dark mode pc. Fortunately, as with its mobile versions, this mode can be activated very easily on the desktop version of Facebook.

To do this, just click on the arrow located above and to the right of our screen. In this section, locate the option “Display preferences” and click on it. Here you will find several options, this time locate “Dark Mode” and make sure that “On” option is selected.

By following the steps above you can enjoy dark mode on Facebook for Android, IOS, and PC. As we mentioned earlier, remember that you can also activate dark mode on a macOS computer by following the above steps. It is certainly something we recommend if you want to protect your eyesight.